Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mt Buller, Victoria, Australia

I am back in Mt Buller and am now fully emersed in the Australian winter. The ski hill opened on June 12 and I've been working like mad since (and waaayy before). I've been lucky enough to find myself a job where I have got access to ski equipment and a free season pass. As a result I've been able to get out several times to ski on the not-nearly-enough snow base.

My job has been very interesting so far as I have now worked 20 straight days. I've also been promoted already so I must, somehow, being doing something right. Since I returned from New Zealand, I have become a qualified Alpine Technician and have also been working at creating Point of Sale systems. I've been lucky enough to be living and working with a great group of people and I've already made some great new friends.

That's about all that's new from me recently, so to fill the required content for this blog, I give you more Australian'isms.

Australia - Canada translation
Script – prescription
Gum Boots – rubber boots
Rock up - start work
Knock off - end work
Tea - supper
(Tomato) Sauce – ketchup
Reckon – to figure (ie I reckon you don't know what I'm talking about)
Hand ball – to pass something off to someone else
Stanley Knife – boxcutter or exacto-knife
Snowfield – ski hill
Winge - to complain
Bogan - redneck
Stuff All - little
Heaps - lots
____ as (cool as, weak as, sweet as, etc) - It's a saying that seems to reduce the need for swear words. Unheard of in Australia.

Aluminium - al-U-min-E-um
Foyer - foy-errrr
Pasties - past-eees

This post has been terribly unorgnized and random, so I'm going to stick with the trend. Here are some of the very few photos that I've been able to take since I've returned to the mountains. Enjoy

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