Thursday, March 18, 2010

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (4)

The days continue to tick away on my great adventure, and today is the 3 month anniversary of my last day of work. That means it's time for a monthly update of my Facebook status'. Enjoy

Gibby Davis is getting a wee bit concerned to see how far his weight has dropped.
February 18 at 4:32pm

Gibby Davis figured out how cricket works, thanks to my trusty ushers.
February 19 at 3:00am

Gibby Davis can't figure out why he gets along better with retirees than young people.
February 19 at 3:00am

Gibby Davis ran 6km this morning then got bored, and happened to be at a wifi spot. Boredom of running may be related to wifi. Time to run home now.
February 19 at 1:33pm

Gibby Davis is avoiding the warm day outside by spending some q-time with the free wifi at the state library.
February 19 at 5:15pm

Gibby Davis caught a bug between his index finger and thumb. Reflexes are good right now.
February 19 at 10:35pm

Gibby Davis is enjoying some fruit while sitting in Salamanca Square.
February 20 at 4:51pm

Gibby Davis is suffering from some self-inflicted loneliness.
February 20 at 6:02pm

Gibby Davis is happy to say that his blog has it's first follower from the southern hemisphere.
February 20 at 11:52pm

Gibby Davis doesn't care how bad this sounds. I love meat pies.
February 20 at 11:54pm

Gibby Davis used to make fun of people that would wear toques when it was +10. After wandering Hobart at night, he now understands.
February 22 at 3:59am

Gibby Davis is too sick and sore to run. Going for a walk instead.
February 22 at 3:02pm

Gibby Davis thinks it might not be a good thing to track how far he walks. Currently 4 hours and 22km down and it's not even 3pm. So much fo taking it easy today.
February 22 at 7:38pm

Gibby Davis is hanging out the Hobart Airport waiting for his flight. Thanks to Qantas for the free wifi. I'm sure my fight with Tiger will be lovely.
February 23 at 10:28am

Gibby Davis is OCD about exercise. This is weird.
February 23 at 11:08pm

Gibby Davis is developing a runner's body already. Already discovered ribs, pecs, and abs. Where have those been hiding all these years?
February 24 at 6:13pm

Gibby Davis ran (inside the fences) a lap of the Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 course this morning. That was pretty surreal. Don't think my lap time would stack up very well.
February 25 at 6:57pm

Gibby Davis is laughing at the Aussies. The temperature drops below 20 and they turn on the patio heaters.
February 26 at 11:33pm

Gibby Davis just completed his first junk-food binge in a while. Going to have to run really far tomorrow to make up for this one.
February 28 at 4:33am

Gibby Davis wonders if home will still feel like home when he gets back....
February 28 at 4:44am

Gibby Davis wishes the hockey game was on later (so it would be live on TV in HD, like every other game) rather than early (because now I'm stuck at Maccas at 8am reading a live blog because no one will stream the game outside of Canada).
February 28 at 1:28pm

Gibby Davis has found the job posting of a lifetime. I hope I get it. I have my hopes up....
February 28 at 7:53pm

Gibby Davis has met four Canadians so far in Australia. Everyone of them is from Edmonton. This is what happens when the Oilers stink.
February 28 at 9:02pm

Gibby Davis is frustrated. There is something about Melbourne, a feel, a certain edge, and I can't capture it with words or pictures.
March 1 at 8:02pm

Gibby Davis is enjoying the fastest wifi spot in Melbourne. Corner of Getrude and Brunswick.
March 1 at 8:40pm

Gibby Davis had kangaroo for supper. I didn't want to eat it, but it jumped right in my mouth.
March 2 at 12:45am

Gibby Davis is freaking out (for good reasons).
March 2 at 9:35pm

Gibby Davis has booked a train ticket to Wagga Wagga. And no, I don't know where that is.
March 2 at 10:36pm

Gibby Davis is riding the rails for the first time this morning.
March 3 at 1:24pm

Gibby Davis wonders why Australian toilet paper is not perriforated.
March 3 at 1:24pm

Gibby Davis has learned yet another valuable lesson in not getting his hopes up. Sigh. Wandering the streets of Melbourne tonight.
March 5 at 1:31am

Gibby Davis is experiencing his first flash flood. The restaurant where I just had lunch is now under 6 inches of water. Streets are rivers. Holy crap!
March 5 at 8:03pm

Gibby Davis is back in St Kilda, watching Melbourne clean up. Sad to see my favorite wifi spot was flooded.
March 6 at 3:44pm

Gibby Davis is awaiting the next big storm. Deciding on where I want to be when it gets here.
March 6 at 8:47pm

Gibby Davis smashed his PB for the Half. 1:52:55. And to think he almost didn't get out of bed this morning.
March 7 at 4:21pm

Gibby Davis wishes people who lived in hostels didn't smell as bad.
March 8 at 6:00pm

Gibby Davis has found some temporary employment. Working the Grand Prix.
March 9 at 9:17pm

Gibby Davis can't believe it has come to this. Brown shoes, brown belt....grey pants. Ugh. Time to go shoe shopping.
March 10 at 4:05pm

Gibby Davis is enjoying a nice blue bird day in Melbourne.
March 11 at 4:17pm

Gibby Davis is in Fed Square listening to a couple break up.
March 13 at 3:19am

Gibby Davis watched his first footy (Aussie Rules) game tonight, and it amazing. Can't wait to see another.
March 13 at 3:44am

Gibby Davis is watching his first Oilers game since he left. I think I picked a really good year to leave.
March 13 at 5:27pm

Gibby Davis finished his run today. Felt fantastic. Ankle seems healed. Was ready to attempt my longest run ever in the next few days. Then he tweaked his ankle in the shower. Now has a limp going. Then I broke my toenail (causing bleeding) while cooking dinner. Sigh.
March 14 at 4:43am

Gibby Davis is upset at his ankle for not allowing him to run this morning.
March 15 at 3:58pm

Gibby Davis still can't get over the fact that you can not online borrow video games from the library, but you can also play video games in the library.
March 17 at 6:10pm

Gibby Davis would like to warn all of you that are going to get smashed on green beer today. I'm living in the future (it's the day after St Patty's here) so I can tell you how it's going to turn out. Everyone is hungover and looking sad today. I had breakfast with a guy that slept in his own vomit. This is what awaits you in 12 h...ours. Sincerely, Debbie Downer.
March 18 at 1:20pm

Gibby Davis went on a food binge last night, and went on a running binge this morning (24km). Sorry body.
March 18 at 2:00pm

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