Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mt Buller, Victoria, Australia

After many months of fun, I have finally had to break down and give up my traveling ways.

I finished off my week in Seaford with some more shopping, visiting southern suburbs and hanging out with my mate Richard. After spending a week with Richard (for which I'll be forever greatful), it was time for me to head up to the mountains for some early work.

I had been needing to find a place to live in Melbourne for the month before I began work, but that necessity was eliminated when I found out that I could do a bit of work early and find a free place to live. I was offered the option of working a week or two prior to the beginning of the snow season and I jumped at the chance. So here I find myself up on Mt Buller awaiting the snow.

My job has been very good so far and I have been given a wide variety of tasks so far that includes: taking stock of various items, acounting, installing hardware, vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, painting, making beds, running generators, and so on. Hard to say I'm not versatile. Judging by my list of tasks you can presume that I have spent most of my days working, but I have been able to get out and about and see the mountain. Yesterday I decided to go for a hike to the top of the mountain and recorded this video.

Needless to say, I have already acclimatized to the colder temperatures up here and have sufficiently freaked out the Aussies on how comfortable I am in the cold. Here are a few more highlights of my tours of the mountains. Enjoy