Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seoul, (Republic of) Korea

Well, again, the surprise is in the title today. Some of you already knew about this little detour in advance but I'm guessing most of you did not.

So a week before I left for this trip I was starting to plan out where I was going to go. After looking at a few places in Japan, I decided that there was too much that I wanted to see and was getting overwhelmed with making a decision. While looking at Google Maps I realized that Korea was much closer to Japan that I ever thought. After seeing that I started checking into flights, etc, etc. And that was that. Korea bound.

I've spent the last two days spending every waking hour wandering around Seoul and the surrounding areas. Last night I spent 6 hours out and about after arriving in the late afternoon. Today I spent 12 hours walking, taking metro, eating, and photographing everything along the way. It's truly been 'Toucan Sam' (follow your nose) traveling for the last two days.

I've only got a few panoramas for you right now. I should have more ready soon. Enjoy.

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