Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

After a quick stopover in Sherwood Park, AB, I have said my final goodbyes to my previous life and I'm now moving onto more adventures. It's been hard to grasp the gravity of my decisions and the potential repercussions, but I believe that I made the right decisions, and hopefully I'll never look back.

My first stop is to visit with my family in Saskatoon for the holidays. I arrived on Dec 22, across some sketchy highways on some sketchier tires. I've been hanging out with family and friends ever since and will continue to do so until Boxing Day. My little homeless adventure is currently being graciously supported by my sister and her family.

The current plan for my next trip is to travel to Whitefish, MT, USA with most of my family. That being said, there is currently some work going on behind the scenes to sabotage (don't worry, I'm fine with it) my involvement in a trip to Whitefish. Until I learn some more, that's all I can divulge. Stay tuned.

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