Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellowknife, NWT, Canada

Good evening everyone (and by evening, I mean it's 2:30am). I'm currently approaching my bedtime but I am due to provide an update on my first few days of travel. I have successfully managed to get myself into the territories for the first time. And so far I have been quite enjoying myself. This weekend I have been the house guest of the Coyne family who have been fabulous hosts. I always enjoy my time with my 'adopted' family. I got the first of many tours of Yellowknife on day 1 where I was able to the local wildlife and visit Pilots Monument to get a terrific view of Yellowknife.

YK is definitely different from anywhere I've ever been before. It has many quirks, like mostly above ground power lines (related to permafrost, I'm guessing) and peculiar speed limits.

Today (day 2), I successfully (I think) completed the task that originally brought me up here, which was to do family pictures. Generally I am against snow and winter, but it did make for some scenic family pictures.

And finally, tonight I was talked into going (ok, I wanted to go) on a journey to and from Hay River with Sue. This journey included flying from YK to HR, which meant we got to fly on Buffalo Airlines which is currently being featured on Ice Pilots NWT. This airline flies former WWII planes and they are awesome. The first thing we did after landing in HR was find our vehicle covered in 1cm of ice. I graciously took on the chivalrous task of excavating all necessary windows for the upcoming drive. After a quick stop for gas, energy drinks and Chinese food we drove around Great Slave Lake. All in all it was a 8 hour adventure with lots of photos, in-depth chats, and the renewal of friendship....and me looking like a creep.


  1. i would not get on that plane... you couldn't pay me enough.

  2. Freakin Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the ice scraping pic.
    Can't wait to see more.