Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sherwood Park, AB, Canada

My journey to the far north has now concluded and I have returned to Sherwood Park for a momentary stopover before continuing on my journey to the Motherland (SK). Before I came back to SP, I had another adventure filled day. I took a nice walk around downtown YK this morning because everyone else was stuck at work.

Later on in the afternoon, Brian and I got dressed up in the thickest jackets we could find and we went dog-sledding across frozen lakes and trails. We were both surprised to find out that we would both get to drive the sleds. Turns out it's a pretty easy skill to acquire.

My day finished with a nice dinner with Sue followed by some random driving around YK before begrudgingly heading to the airport. I definitely will need to plan a summer visit to the north. There is so much more to explore. I would like to thank Mother Nature for keeping the weather reasonable for my trip.

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