Friday, December 17, 2010

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (2)

It's been quite a while since I have provided my status updates from Facebook. This update is particularly important because Dec 18 is the 12 month anniversary of my travels beginning. Here are the updates from September until December. Enjoy

Gibby Davis drank a whole beer last night.
September 20 at 10:24am

Gibby Davis is oxygen deprived and sunburnt. Made it to 12,000 feet today.
September 23 at 10:27am

Gibby Davis needs to learn to turn off the portion of his brain that thinks about the future.
September 24 at 10:46am

Gibby Davis is returning to sea level today.
September 24 at 11:49pm

Gibby Davis went tothe Colosseum today and now has an insatiable urge to watchGladiator.
September 27 at 11:54am

Gibby Davis is hopelessly lost in Venice.
September 29 at 6:04am

Gibby Davis just pulled out a map to figure out the best location to watch the sunset, then walked outside to find out it had clouded over. Lame.
September 30 at 10:47am

Gibby Davis would like to put Canada on notice. See you in a week.
September 30 at 11:03pm

Gibby Davis is looking for some golf partners for Saturday morning in Saskatoon. By the way, I am currently in Monaco.
October 3 at 5:20am

Gibby Davis has so much to do while visiting Edmonton next week that he has to start cutting out things from his schedule. Unfortunately the first thing to be sacrificed will be a hair cut.
October 6 at 12:35am

Gibby Davis misses France...and being able to communicate with people. I am hopeless in Germany.
October 6 at 1:40pm

Gibby Davis is getting his life organized for his flight to Canada in the morning.
October 7 at 11:02am

Gibby Davis is grinning like an idiot because he is back in Canada.
October 8 at 12:12pm

Gibby Davis broke his no golfing streak. And he broke 80 in the process.
October 10 at 7:01am

Gibby Davis has traveled around the entire world, been lost countless times in strange places, and yet I'm still nervous to go back to Edmonton for the first time.
October 11 at 4:56am

Gibby Davis has 4-5 hours free, and nothing to do. Those of you who know me well will know where to find me.
October 12 at 7:21am

Gibby Davis hasn't taken a photo since Thursday. This will be rectified shortly.
October 12 at 4:32pm

Gibby Davis is enjoying America and their obsession with unhealthy food.
October 13 at 11:52am

Gibby Davis woke up to a to a temperature of -8 this morning. Better keep going south.
October 14 at 6:42am

Gibby Davis smiles every time he watches the fountains at Bellagio.
October 18 at 4:18am

Gibby Davis is going to the airport to pick up Kari Sinnema and Mary Coyne.
October 18 at 7:41pm

Gibby Davis somehow didn't know that the PGA Tour is in the same city as him. Disappointed in myself.
October 19 at 9:43am

Gibby Davis is somewhere in California. Please google Ridgecrest, CA and let me know what I missed.
October 21 at 3:00pm

Gibby Davis is proud of his car for making it up and down Lombard Street this morning.
October 23 at 12:59pm

Gibby Davis loved the internet before, but loves it even more after seeing his new nephew on Skype.
October 24 at 12:06am

Gibby Davis has made it to the last week of his travels.
October 25 at 8:58am

Gibby Davis is getting antsy with anticipation for the impending annihilation that is about to occur at Chambers Bay (2015 US Open site).
October 27 at 12:50pm

Gibby Davis has 104 reasons why that golf course should be a US Open site.
October 28 at 12:10am

Gibby Davis doesn't know how he's going to make it through the next two months but, at the same time, has never been better prepared for two months of uncertainty.
October 31 at 9:02am

Gibby Davis is planning on staying in one place for 7 days (longest streak since August). That being said, plans are made to be broken.
November 1 at 12:40pm

Gibby Davis turned on his PC for the first time in months. Currently installing 67 updates. Sigh.
November 1 at 10:01pm

Gibby Davis just made a tee time for Saturday (yay!) during the Huskies playoff game (doh!).
November 4 at 4:42pm

Gibby Davis is wondering what went wrong in his life that he is working today.
November 5 at 11:01am

Gibby Davis cannot wait to have my own home again.
November 6 at 10:59pm

Gibby Davis is reviewing his photos from the last year and now believe that I may (may) have taken too many.
November 7 at 11:00am

Gibby Davis hasn't been in one place this long (8 days) since I was gainfully employed in Australia (in July). Wow.
November 8 at 7:31pm

Gibby Davis does not like it when you want to spend money and the store won't take it.
November 9 at 6:23pm

Gibby Davis has taken a few years but now appreciates the ridiculousness that is West Edmonton Mall.
November 10 at 10:04am

Gibby Davis has a new home!!!!!!!!!!!!! And am overly pumped about it.
November 10 at 4:00pm

Gibby Davis has discovered one of the hidden joys of being a photographer: everyone gets dressed up to see me.
November 11 at 1:32pm

Gibby Davis was thrilled to see his LRPP friends again and with that is off to the 306.
November 13 at 8:04am

Gibby Davis has a love/hate relationship with raisin butter tarts.
November 15 at 11:37am

Gibby Davis is not ready for a Canadian winter.
November 16 at 1:22pm

Gibby Davis is almost home. Two more days before I move one last time.
November 17 at 8:40am

Gibby Davis has packed up his life and is moving for what feels like the 83rd time this year. Just need to find someone to help get it in the truck...
November 17 at 2:28pm

Gibby Davis is enjoying his workout this morning. And by workout, I mean lifting weights. And my weights I mean my belongings. And by enjoying I mean ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
November 18 at 9:05am

Gibby Davis is eating leftover Chinese food with no shirt on. The day can only get better from here.
November 18 at 10:26am

Gibby Davis went grocery shopping and filled up an entire shopping cart. Then rode it through the parking lot.
November 20 at 11:59am

Gibby Davis has a hot tub and is not afraid to share.
November 21 at 6:45pm

Gibby Davis found Sea Patrol on TV tonight!.
November 23 at 6:25pm

Gibby Davis likes to send out lots of text messages right before going somewhere where he isn't able to respond. I'm evil.
November 24 at 7:02pm

Gibby Davis has suffered another camera injury. You know what that means!! NEW CAMERA!!!!!
November 25 at 11:21am

Gibby Davis received about 58 bizarre looks from strangers today because I was wearing shorts
November 25 at 3:22pm

Gibby Davis is going to see Big Wreck and John Butler Trio tonight. A nice random, world-wide combo of music.
November 26 at 4:41pm

Gibby Davis is prowling downtown Edmonton looking for randoms from Saskie. Anybody out there?
November 26 at 5:08pm

Gibby Davis just watched an outdoor concert in -10 degrees. Canada is awesome.
November 27 at 8:55pm

Gibby Davis is stuck in Rider traffic on Hwy 16.
November 29 at 11:49am

Gibby Davis is pumped that he scored a new (to me) set of pots and pans tonight. Oh yeah, and I'm going to Japan.
November 29 at 10:46pm

Gibby Davis still feels like he just left Australia a few days ago and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.
November 30 at 12:43pm

Gibby Davis has been invited back to work at the Australian Grand Prix. I love that I get temptation like that via email.
December 3 at 7:09am

Gibby Davis is about done with sleeping alone. Need to find a cuddle buddy.
December 4 at 4:00am

Gibby Davis can now add shutting down the EBA Christmas Party to the list of random things I've done this year.
December 5 at 1:10am

Gibby Davis is happy to be back skiing on real snow (sorry Australia).
December 7 at 12:31pm

Gibby Davis is about to suffer a Mexican food coma.
December 7 at 7:37pm

Gibby Davis thinks he should receive a medal for completing the following tasks within a 24 hour period (in this order):
1. Finished the El Caporal Special
2. Finished a whole Quickee sub
3. Ran 11km in under an hour
December 8 at 5:55pm

Gibby Davis loves POWDER DAYS!!!!!
December 9 at 12:26pm

Gibby Davis survived two epic falls today. One, headfirst into a tree well. Two, double ski dismount/face-plant.
December 9 at 4:58pm

Gibby Davis needs to spend more time at home or find a drought resistant plant.
December 10 at 5:59pm

Gibby Davis is braving my annual Christmas shopping at West Ed.
December 11 at 10:44am

Gibby Davis is watching the a replay of the Australian Grand Prix that he worked at. This is much too surreal.
December 14 at 11:42am

Gibby Davis is writing.
December 14 at 6:25pm

Gibby Davis thinks it's not too bad outside, as long as you don't face west. Please don't face west.
December 15 at 6:38pm

Gibby Davis gets motivated by watching fast food commercials while on the treadmill.
December 16 at 3:45pm

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