Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Koh Mook, Trang, Thailand

My adventure around Thailand continues as I have now left Koh Lipe for the even more remote Koh Mook. The island itself is actually fairly close to the mainland and the city of Trang, but there are only a couple of resorts, with most of the residents being fishermen (fisher-people?). This island was mostly destroyed in 2006 by the tsunami and there has been significant investment in the reconstruction of the fishing industry and rebuilding the homes of the local residents. It's been great to wander around and see only Thai people. I know we're in a more remote location because once you get out of the resorts, the calculators come out (the calculator is the means of communication between tourists and locals when relating to all things money).

On the way to Koh Mook, we were lucky enough to take a speed boat across the Andaman Sea at approx 35-40 mph. The first half of the trip was extremely bumpy and hard on the body, but the rest was just plain awesome.

So because of the lack of internet availability here (I have found 3 internet capable computers totals), I will be not posting any images until I hit 'civilization' again. To whet your appetite, here's what we will be coming:
- remainder of photos from Koh Lipe
- video of the speed boat ride
- photos from Koh Mook

Talk to you soon.

PS If you heard any rumours about a nasty sunburn, they are 100% true. It's hilarious, horrible and painful. Hopefully it turns to a tan shortly.

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