Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Koh Tao, Surat Thani, Thailand

Sorry for the lack of updates. My internet abilities are extremely limited here. I am unable to connect my computer to the internet and as a result am unable to upload any of the pictures that I have taken since I left Canada. Moving on.

I have officially completed my epic journey to the other side of the world and I have found myself at my first destination. Here is a brief summary of my travel details to get to Koh Tao from Saskatoon. Planes, trains & automobiles.
-Car ride to Saskatoon airport
-2 hour plane ride to Vancouver
-10 minute airport shuttle
-15 minute ride on the Skytrain
-30 minute car ride
-13 hour flight to Hong Kong
-15 minute sprint through the Hong Kong airport
-2.5 hour plane ride to Bangkok
-30 minute cab ride to hotel
-30 minute cab ride (7 hour later) to Bangkok airport
-1 hour flight to Koh Samui
-10 minute shuttle bus to the pier
-2 hour ferry tide to Koh Tao
-10 minute walk to my bungalow

Anyways, since I've been here it's been pretty relaxing. I have taken to going on extremely long walks in the mornings, through areas I should never go. I walked up a mountain yesterday, got lost. Walked along the coast today, got lost. Typically I am fairly good with finding my way (I made it out each time), but the trail system here is beyond sketchy. Although this doesn't sound very relaxing, it makes me tired and then I can relax all aftenoon in an attempt to rest for the next day.

The remainder of my days is typically spent sweating, wandering the beach, snorkelling and napping on my hammock. It's been nice to finally be able to sleep like a normal person for a few days.

I still haven't been able to get used to the heat here. Temperatures peak around 30 with a humdity around 75-90%. I'm dreading what it will feel like after the first rainfall.

If any of you are wondering what Thailand is really like, I'll try to give you a bit of an idea. The general rule is that if you can make money doing something, nothing else will get in your way. That appears to be the only rule. Here's a list of strange things I've notice here:
-There is minimal to no police presnce. I say minimal because I've seen the police station, but no police officers.
-There are no traffic laws, other than the big vehicle gets the right of way. As a pedestrian I spent most of my time dodging everything. I saw a stop sign the other day. That was neat.
-Every building here is on a septic field. In the case of bungalows, they are built off the ground and everything drains underneath. On some of the major streets, there are some drains on the side, but other places sewage just goes wherever (it's not that bad). Everything runs into the ocean though.
-There doesn't appear to be development regulations. Any.
-If you can't say no, don't come here. You will be offered something all the time as you walk down the street.
-The beaches are surreal.
-It takes a few days to get used to the lifestyle here.
-If you need air conditions, 7-Eleven is your best friend.

I'm scheduled for another 5-6 nights in Koh Tao before we begin another multi-day, multi-nodal trip to Koh Lipe. Hopefully I can get some pictures uploaded there. Talk to you soon.


  1. Ha! I love your directions on how to get to Kho Tao. You know, just in case we wanted to come visit. Glad you got snorkelling, but you have to go diving! You're in one of the best places on earth to dive!!!!

    ps It's good to see you're continueing your rule of living within walking distance of a 7-11.

  2. Hey Gooby,
    Glad to see you finaly relax and sleep in. Naps arrrrrre goooooood.
    PS Julie says hi. She needs to set up a google account.
    Lator Gator