Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bratislava, Slovakia

I have taken a detour today in my lap(s) around Europe and took a train to Bratislava. This is a city that I didn't know existed last week. I heard someone mention it at my hostel in Budapest so I figured I at least google it. What I found out was that it's the capital of Slovakia and a mere one hour train ride from Vienna. There was no way I could pass up a chance to visit another country especially considering it cost 14 euros roundtrip.

It's still fairly early in my day but the most interesting part so far is that I don't have a map of this city, and given my ignorance to it's existence, it is obvious I don't know my way around. I got off the train only knowing that the city was a 20 minute walk but no idea which direction. And after starting to get used to the Austro-German hybrid in Vienna, I'm now trying to understand another new language.

Now it's time to have some breakfast then go out and explore the city...once it warms up a little.

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