Thursday, September 30, 2010

Venice, Italy

Well I made it to my latest random destination today and if you can believe it, this was actually the less crazy option. I was originally looking to fly to Spain for a few days but I waited too long and the cost of flights skyrocketed out of my price range. Instead I 'settled' for a train ride to Venice. Every so often in life you end up in a destination you hadn't planned on and it turns out better than the place you had wanted to go to.

Venice is a beautiful little city that is helping me satisfy a few of my favorite things: getting lost, running in beautiful places, and narrow winding streets. Unfortunately for me I jumped the gun on the getting lost part. I arrived via train today and realized that I hadn't received the confirmation email on my iPod. I also could not remember the name of the place I was staying. Didn't have a map. Couldn't find wifi. Already got the 'your battery is low' warning in my iPod. Things were a little dire for a bit but I found a map, the name of my guesthouse, and eventually where I was going. The bonus to getting lost was that I got to take a great 1 hour walking tour of city. Too bad I had to carry all my bags the entire time.

Anyways, I took it easy with the camera today in advance of what I expect to be an epic photo day (come on sunshine). I also went for a run today and managed to find the longest deadens pedestrian path I've ever seen (2km each way). I'll post photos when I'm not blogging from the side of the street. Cheers.

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