Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have completed my journey to Tasmania and have returned to the beautiful city of Melbourne for the foreseeable future. I decided to try to stay in a new neighborhood called St. Kilda. It appears to be a party neighborhood that is within a few blocks of the beach, so I can finally start regaining my tan. I've only been here a few hours, but I'm not completely sold on being so far from downtown. I may move back north next week. Although that is all dependent on how the job hunt goes. I have one interview lined up to work at the Australian Grand Prix and I am also looking at all the local golf courses. Depending on where I find a job, my location may change.

Anyways, Hobart was great to see, and an even better place to relax for a few days before my life becomes encumbered by job searching, jobs, mobile phones, etc. Here are a few of my favorite photos from my three days. Enjoy

And because I finally uploaded some videos, here are a few to show you what it was like on Fraser Island.

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