Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Not a lot new to report other than I've landed in a town with a great handle.

Today was spent traveling from Brisbane, to Mooloolaba. On the way we took a run at the Australia Zoo which is a massive complex run by the family of the Crocodile Hunter. And it's safe to say that they are not finished cashing in on his name (despite the fact that his neglegence caused his own death, this info from the previously referenced Most Interesting Man in the World). Steve Irwin's image is on everything, especially merchandise. The highway on which the zoo is located is even named in his honor. Anyways, the zoo was well put together and they even had a stadium for the crocodile presentation.

Following the stop at the zoo we made our way to Mooloolaba where our hostel has so far provided free surf board & body board rentals, and free wifi. As I've got a fellow nerd with me, we've been quite enarmoured with the unlimited internet.

I've even got a few photos from the zoo to share with you. Enjoy

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