Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Since I'm going to be in airport or airplane most of the next 12 hours I decided to keep a running diary of my random thoughts. I've always wondered what people would think if they could see inside my brain and this may be as close as you ever come. Enjoy.

14:55- I've made it to the airport and through the Qantas line. Saw a few Canadians in line with me so if this plane goes down you might hear about it.

15:03- Went from my hotel through security in under an hour. I thought international travel was supposed to be difficult?

15:04- Usually I don't sweat going through airport security, but this one does not have AC.

15:04- Ummmm, my plane doesn't board for another 100 minutes. It is now officially picture time/hunt for wifi time.

15:08- If I saw a Wendys right now I would eat until I got sick. Big time craving for spicy chicken.....or is it dried mango?

15:12- This airport looks like a alien space craft, in a good way.

15:18- So after some wandering I've discovered that there are two wifi options in the airport. You can pay or you can get it for free. Really? Good business model. That'll work well for you.

15:19- There's a bird in the airport.

15:31- Settled on soup for lunch. Meh

15:32- Saw the thermostat in here. 30 degrees. What the hell (not literally)?

15:33- Time for snack food shopping. I don't trust Qantus to have good food. I have no reason to believe the food won't be good other than they are an airline.

15:36- I'm going to write a store name down and I want to know if it sounds weird. 'The Cream & Fudge Factory'

15:44- Just bought half a kilo of dehydrated mango. I might have an addiction.

16:02- Not sure you could make these seats in the airport any less comfortable. Also not sure I could be any more sarcastic.

16:06- Keep your friends close and your dehydrated mango closer.

16:07- Why do pilots have to dress up too fly? I want my pilot to be comfortable. If things get stressful, I really don't want them to be wearing a tie.

16:15- A 747? Lame.

16:19- Looks like we're racing British Airways to Sydney tonight. Go QA!!!

16:32- Ever have one of those moments when you hear a song you like, you turn it up and it sounds extraordinarily good? It feels like the music is coming from your brain and through your entire body. You can feel it moving around. You get a boost of energy. And you hope the song never ends. You can't turn the music up loud enough. If you blew your eardrums and you wouldn't care because you loved the last thing you ever heard. I'm there.

16:45- For months this trip has been nothing but a dream and a few emails from airlines in my inbox. It's slowly starting to feel real. It's starting to feel right, like this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

16:47- I'm getting philosophical. Must be near boarding time.

16:49- 54G. Hope that means isle seat...

16:57- Goodbye Thailand

17;04- Okay, the line onto the airplane is pretty long. I'll be in Thailand a little longer.

17:12- Not only is there a tv for my seat, there is a remote that doubles as a game controller. Just forgot that I'm supposed to be sleeping this whole flight.

17:16 Hahahaha. Just heard my first Aussie try to speak french on the PA. Fantastic.

18:09- Brain off time. Going to spend some q-time with my iPod.

18:10- This happens all the time, but the food smells like it might be good...

22:59- I'm on Sydney time now.

23:00- So the food was better than tolerable, it was downright good. Perch with red curry, steamed rice, morning glory, and minced chicken salad. Thank you Qantas. I think I heard something about ice cream too.

23:58- Movie time. Watching American Beauty. I haven't seen this movie in a very long time but I love it because it's just as derranged and twisted as I feel.

1:56- Finished watching the movie. I forgot how great it was. That movie is back in my top 5. It gives me hope.

1:58- Hey, look at that, it's tomorrow.

1:59- Qantas now brings me a cool crisp apple. Anyone want some dehydrated mango?

2:05- I hope they slipped a sleeping pill in my apple. Looks lime I'm returning to sleep deprivation. Flight lands in 4 hours and I haven't slept yet. Can't even sleep tomorrow cause I'm right back on another plane. Done complaining now. Just realized I'm going to be in a country I've always wanted to see. It's going to seem really strange when I see the harbor for the first time.

2:29- I'm experiencing a little bit of Canadian as I fly over Indonesia. Listening to CBC Radio 3 - Top 20 Canadian Songs of the 2000s.

2:38- Remember how I was talking about music before its not always good. Like, for example, when you get really emotional listening to a few songs, and BAM, you're crying on the airplane. Whoops. Turn down the estrogen.

2:55- Damm, there goes my no crying streak. Had 'er going for a solid month.

3:06- You know what I miss? Emotional stability.

4:12- I'm too old for an all-nighter. Hopefully it's nap-time.

4:57- I guess that's a start. 40 mimute nap.

5:16- Qantas goes 2 for 2 on meals. Continental breakfast includes fruits, yogurt, cereal with cold milk, tea and OJ. I always felt that meals on planes should be easy enough to make good and Qantas is proving me right.

6:05- Just heard the captain say it's 22 degrees in Sydney. I haven't felt anything that cold in a month.

6:29- On the ground in Sydney. Let's hope we clear immigration. Otherwise this was the longest visa run ever out of Bangkok.

6:32- Just another 7000km day.

6;49- Immigration error #1: Forgot to put my middle name on my visa. Easy fix though. Aussie gov has been simple to deal with so far.

6:52- The baggage carousel here should be renamed the bag chucked. They are gettin launched.

7:02- They let me in!!!!!!! That never gets old.

7:13- Travel day is almost done. I'm riding the train downtown and it's frigging expensive. $16 to get downtown???? It is pretty nice though.

7:20- Its raining. Guess who didn't bring his rain coat....

7:28- Right as I hit the crescendo of my current favorite song, my train comes above the surface right at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Ggoosebumps.

7:30-I love Sydney already. Gunna have to come back. Soon.

7:41- Made it to the hostel and in true Gibby form there is a 7-11 two doors down. Here's where this thing ends. Hope you had fun in my brain.


  1. Most Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am laughing so hard that it has made everyone around me want to read to. Must go back and read it again.

  2. It's so great to know someone other than myself lives life in a perpetual soundtrack. And CBC radio 3....c'mon?? I would high-five you if you were not 13,000 km away. Thanks for the belly laughs. - Vanessa

  3. Random thoughts make you more and more like Dexter!!!

    Yes, the name of the store sounds strange.

    Is The Usual suspects on your Top 5 movies? if not why?

    Have fun, be safe!