Sunday, February 14, 2010

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

I have arrived in my newest destination after a one-nighter in Mooloo. Today has, once again, been hectic. I woke up nice and early to go running. After a 15km run an a 3km run I went back to the hostel to pack up before we started our drive.

On the way up the coast, Kari requested that we stop off at the pineapple farm for some good times and fresh fruit. The highlight of this stop for me was the 120 lbs guy sharing a banana split with his ~500 lbs girlfriend. He didn't get half.

After that we completed the journey up to Noosa. We were too early to check in so we went for a spectacular hike through Noosa National Park (Coast Trail). It was a beautiful trail with emerald water crashing onto the rocks and beaches on one side, with a mixture of woodlands and desert plants on the other side. After wandering down the coast for 3km we reached the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. Now, I had been warned about this beach, but I didn't remember till I got there. The reason I had previous knowledge of this beach was because I was warned in advance about all the naked 50+ year old men and women. It took a few minutes to understand what was going on, and when I figured it out, I was even more confused. Here's a list of things I don't get:
-How is it possible that I found something more scarring that what I saw in Patong?
-Why would two guys go swimming together....on a nude beach....I guess it's Valentine's
-The guys who would wear a shirt, hat, sunglasses, but no pants or anything below the waist. Just Mr. Happy dangling out from under the shirt.
-There were women there as well, but the men were shaved and the women weren't. Weird.
-Sunburns in bad places.

Anyways, that's all for today.

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