Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pacific Grove, California, United States of America

A few years ago I traveled a little seaside town in middle California named Pacific Grove. I instantly fell for the endless coastline, quaint houses, beautiful main street and the general inviting feel. I finally got back to PG this morning after renting a car and bailing out of the city. After three days of urban living it was nice to get out into some less inhabited areas. My body was also very thankful that I decided to include some non-foot based transportation.

The first thing I did after reaching town was head directly for the coast and watch the waves crash in. Pretty much the remainder of my day involved some sort of coastline. I drove down 17 Mile Drive for the first time, went to the monarch butterfly sanctuary, stopped off at the shops at Pebble Beach, walked down Carmel Beach, and took a million of photos of the sunset. Here are the photographic highlights of the day.

Somewhere in the middle of the day, I decided to do something crazy. I called (831) 622-8723 and asked if I could play golf tomorrow. Then said yes, I said yes, my Visa said NOOOOOO!!!!! I've been floating ever since I got my tee time at Pebble Beach. It didn't seem real, so I stopped by the pro shop to make sure that my tee time was indeed real. It is. So tomorrow a lifelong dream/fantasy will play out. Sleep may be difficult tonight.

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