Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seattle, Washington, United States of America

I'm currently hanging out in SeaTac airport just south of Seattle awaiting my next flight to San Francisco in 2 hours. In the meantime, I'm blogging. Mostly cause I'm bored.

First off, here's a fun fact I discovered tonight. Last year, in my traveling blitz I rode on exactly 30 flights in circumnavigating to globe. This year, in my return to a normal life (supposedly), I will have been on 18 flights. The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Anyways, in my time in SeaTac I've been doing laps of this airport trying to kill some time. It has been quite helpful as the layout is very dispersed. I've ridden a train twice already, did 10 flights of stairs just for fun, ate a fish taco, ate a ginger cookie, currently drinking a chai latte, and now blogging.

On my long walks through the airport I have seen some things. Most of them just neat. Like this piece of art. Definitely got a Pacific North West feel to it. I'm pretty sure the next painting I do will be somewhat in this style.

There was also this replica/facsimile of the Wave in Chicago. Not nearly as big, but still for to stare at for a minute. Also, much less fanfare.

Anyways, the real highlight of the evening was when I was walking down a corridor and a golf cart goes by. Nothing really unusual about that in an airport. But when I get beside the cart, I notice Santa is driving and asking if people want photos. I don't even flinch, but think it's pretty cool that Santa is tooling around in a cart. A little while later, I see him again. This time he's stopped. I also notice that there is an elf with him. And not trying to be horrifically insensitive, the elf was a little person in costume who was riding shotgun. At this point my mouth is hanging open in amazement (so much for not being insensitive). I don't even know what to do but walk away. 20 minutes goes by and after thinking about it, and texting a few people, I realize I need a photo of what I just saw. Badly. So I started searching the airport for the golf cart Santa/little person elf combo (yes, I am a fully grown adult). After a bit of hunting, I located them but was too shy to ask for a photo as they seemed to be engaged in a conversation with someone. Instead of being a normal person and politely asking, I tried to covertly take a photo. Unfortunately my flash went off. Cover blown. But hey, I still got this photo.

That's it for now. More stories surely to follow.

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