Sunday, December 18, 2011

San Francisco, California, United States of America (2)

As promised here are some of the photo highlights from today's walk around the city. I didn't get as much time to wander after spending the morning running and the evening traveling to San Jose (more on that later).

I also took the train down to San Jose for the night as the Edmonton Oilers were randomly in town to play the San Jose Sharks. I scoured online a found a ticket in row 10 for significantly less than I could ever find in Edmonton and decided to go. I got there a little early because I know a good Cajun place just outside the arena (yup, I travel too much). I grabbed a quick po' boy and headed in to watch warmups and grab a comically-sized Chicago dog. The game turned out to be great and the fans were incredible. I quite enjoy watching games in San Jose and tried to capture the atmosphere at the end of the game.

After an hour wait for the train, then a 100 minute ride, I was then faced with a 30 minute walk through downtown. I knew the area was going to be shady and sure enough it turned out to be just that. Within 3 blocks of the station I saw the trifecta of sketch: homeless (no surprise), a john soliciting a prostitute and a gentlemen facing me while urinating. Moral of the story is that nothing good happens after midnight.

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